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Let Healing in Progress help you heal Body, Mind and Soul through a variety of healing modalities. 

Use Reiki to relax the body, Vibrational Sound Therapy to sooth the soul and Rapid Transformational Therapy to reset the mind.

This allows the opportunity for 

your body to heal. 

Holistic Mental Health

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Healing Methods

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Avg cost $80


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reik is a hands on healing modality that supports our well-being and strengthens our natural ability to heal by encouraging balance. 

Feeling better about ourselves is the first cornerstone of well-being. This shift begins with the first session and is strengthened by each successive session.  

Average session is one hour.  Starting at $80

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) healing is done by placing Himalayan singing bowls on the body. I will strike the bowls while you enjoy the tone and rhythm of the bowls and receive the healing vibration. The combination allows your body to go into a deep relaxation. A shift of your energy occurs and opens the opportunity for better health and better sleep, nourishing your body, mind and soul.

Average session is one hour.  Starting at $80

RTT Hypnosis

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnosis is the Marisa Peer method for rapidly transforming lives one session at a time.  During hypnosis we will discover the core issue from your past that is causing current issues in you life today.  We will work together at letting go of the past and moving forward with your wonderful life. 

Average session is 90 minutes plus advance call and follow-up. Starting at $160

Sound Bath

Sound Meditation 

is the act of playing Himalayan singing bowls while clients lay on the floor or sit in a chair experiencing the meditative sound and vibration of the bowls. Clients leave feeling rested, relaxed, while reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and sense of please.

Average session is one hour. Avg cost $22

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I received a gift certificate for Reiki with Pam for Christmas. I was not disappointed as it was a wonderful experience. Pam is very professional with a very pleasant setting that promotes healing. While I did not feel the need for any specific work at the time, Pam opened up several of my chakras. I felt very refreshed and ready to begin the year after my treatment with Pam. I highly recommend her work

Lynn P Prescott WI

I've had three Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions with Pam thus far and have really enjoyed each one.

During each session, I become so relaxed so much so that I've found myself drifting off to sleep at times! I'm extremely relaxed and feel less stress after each appointment, which is exactly the results I had hoped for. 


Pam is very friendly, personable and professional. She's thorough in answering any questions or concerns that I've had for this type of therapy and has also provided details for other offerings she's now providing that I'm interested in.  I'll definitely be making more appointments for sound therapy with Pam in the future!!

Pam, I can’t thank you enough!  Since our RTT Session I feel so much better!  I have so much more energy, sleep better and I’m the only one in my family that didn’t get sick this winder! My immune system is on fire! And, I am actually looking forward to getting lab work now!

Jodie  SC

Vibrational Sound Therapy

RTT Hypnosis

Ranae  Roberts WI


I I highly recommend Pam for sound healing or Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). She is not only well trained in these areas, but I chose her because she has a deep sense of the needs of her clients and I felt completely at ease working with her. Her sound sessions are powerful and I felt so relaxed and calm afterwards. The RTT was a new experience for me and I was surprised at what came up for me during our session. I knew it was spot on and helped me to progress in my own healing journey. Thank you, Pam!.

Karen S.

I have greatly suffered from childhood trauma memories into adulthood.  After the loss of my mother 5 years ago, I experienced a rare heart attack that still perplexes every medical specialist, and healer, I have seen in the last year.  Due to the childhood trauma and the rare type of heart attack, I then received a diagnosis of complex PTSD.  My healing journey before, and after, all of this has taken me through many parts of myself that feels like exploring many parts of the world.  Pam’s guided hypnosis was like exploring a hidden country that I was only able to access.  My experience allowed me to see a possible past life that helped me understand my life now.  I also was able to re-anchor repeated memories of my childhood to a place that helped me heal my hurting inner child.  To remember my mom before the loss of her began.  I was able to feel that joy and being loved, of that inner part of my younger self.  I was able to take it with me when the session was completed.  I type this testimonial months later, and I can still feel that feeling from 40 years ago, as it is only mine- shared with my parents.  I left Pam’s session with a recorded message, with instruction to listen to in order to help re-train my brain of the messages from childhood trauma.  The sense of completion was immense- although done creatively my own way (with Pam’s guidance), and I now can listen to the message any time for re-assurance.  The complex in Complex PTSD is nothing less than complex.  The many layers of Pam’s hypnosis are worth every penny, and then some, as it continues to help me sort through life as I help others also. 

Jennifer, Roberts WI 

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