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                Below you will find videos to go along with my chapter                     Reducing Stress - Using Energy Healing for Optimal Health


 The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2

Enjoy this 22 minute Virtual Vibrational Sound Therapy session. Find a comfortable place, grab your earbuds or headphones and relax. Reducing stress in the body allows your body to heal

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Purchase The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2.  This book is a collaboration of 25 co-authors, each sharing their personal healing journey and teaching simple healing techniques. My chapter is on Stress Relief. 

Book image. The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Vol 2

Extraordinary writers that have collectively brought together good information through many different Healing Modalities. Many people can benefit from learning the language of healing and how it can affect all of us i a positive way. "The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing" Book, shows many different modalities yet, in a similar language of Self-Healing. In new growth, we can find healing and a new life, this clearly came through in the book.

Annette Bruchu-Author, Healer

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Apple Breathing Technique

This breathing technique is a simple way to get the energy flowing through you, to open your chakras and release stress


Self administered Energy Healing can be simple but powerful. Watch the video below to see how. 

Reversing Triple Warmer Meridian

By reversing Triple Warmer Meridian, you are calming the fight or flight response in your body and reducing stress. See how it's done in the video below

Bonus Video - Triple Warmer Smoothie

This technique was designed by Donna Eden. She's the founder of Energy Medicine. This process also tones down the energy of the Triple Warmer Meridian with just a different flare. Learn how to do this technique in the following video