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Positive Mindset for Children and
Divine Child Healing

Did you know that most of our beliefs are created by the time we are 8 years old? That means the way we talk to ourselves as adults, started way back when we were young children.

If you feel you don’t have anything to contribute to a conversation, you may have been shut down when you tried to speak your mind when you were younger.

If you compare yourself to others, you start thinking you have to up your game. Maybe you had friends who told you that their toys are way better than your toys. Or you overheard your parents or older siblings comparing themselves to someone else.

It doesn’t take much for these beliefs to generate. Once they do, they stick, unless you take the steps to change them.

Young children live from their feelings. They remember when they felt sad, and what happened to them at the time that made them feel sad. They remember being scared and what triggered that. The one thing to keep in mind is that as this happens, they are seeing and feeling it from a child’s perspective.  

One way we can help our children is to help them see themselves as brave, confident, and capable children.

  • Teach them how to do things that are age-appropriate, but will help build their confidence.

  • Teach them skills they can carry forward into their adult lives.

  • Let them know you want them in your life.

  • Let them know you chose to bring them into this world.    

If you are on the spiritual path, you also know that they chose you to be their parent or adult in their lives. They chose YOU! They chose you to be their roll model during this time in this world. 

One thing you can do is to look into Divine Child Healing. It's a remote healing designed to help your child be in alignment with who they truly are. It reconnects them with their own subtle energy body, building confidence and self-worth. 

Let's love them. Let's not let them down.


Let’s help our Littles Glow as they Grow

For a look at my Positive Mindset Cards for Pre-Teens/Teens and for the Littles (ages 3 and up), click here. These cards were created by three of my grandkids and me with the intention of helping other kids start and end their day with positive thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive self-talk, which leads to confidence. 

For more information on Divine Child Healing, contact me here.

For more information on my grandchildren who helped to create these cards and the story behind them, see my blog posts

The Empowered Young Adult

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Moving from the teenage years into adulthood can be taxing on some of our young adults. 

There are new pressures to deal with, new responsibilities, making our young adults feel helpless and confused. 

This deck of 40 cards was created from feedback of several young adults who have felt the pressure.  They helped me to create a deck of affirmations that felt empowering to them. 

These cards can be purchased here

Positive Mindset for Pre-Teens and Teens

These cards were created by teens for teens. Start each morning with a positive message. End each day with an evening reflection card to look back at the day and acknowledge there was something good about the day.


There are 30 colorful cards in the deck. I was told by my teen granddaughter that any more than 30 would feel too overwhelming. I took her word for it.  

Click here to order 

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Positive Mindset for the Littles

These cards were also created by children, for children. They are intended for children ages 3 and up. They are based on the alphabet, but rather than A is for Apple, A is saying I am Amazing! This deck has 29 colorful cards, each with a unique message. Even though they are based on the alphabet, there are a few bonus cards to complete the deck. 

To order these cards, click here

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