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For the People

After 15 plus years of self-employment, by husband decides to get a job working for someone else. There are benefits to self-employment, but there are also benefits to working for someone else. To start with you have a steady paycheck, paid vacation days and holidays, possibly medical insurance. You can be around other people, create relationships. You can remove the stress of wondering when the next job would come in. So why did I get so excited when he said he was going to get a job and that the door would now open for me to leave my full time job and pursue my dream of self-employment?

For over 30 years I’ve worked in various banks, always within Trust Operations. I left a couple of those jobs by my own choice, another due to an acquisition, department closure and most recently, retirement. I’ve met many wonderful people over the years. Some of us even followed each other from one bank to the next. The last 21 years have been spent at one place. I held various positions from a department lead, to manager and then analyst. I’ve had it pretty good according to some. So why did I feel such a strong urge to leave?

A normal workday for me started with the alarm going off at 4:44, out the door around 5:30, drive to the park-n-ride, get on the bus, be at my desk by 6:40ish. Lunch was at 11, leave the office at 5:00. Be home around 6:20 – 6:30. Make supper; watch TV for a couple hours, in bed by 9:00. Nothing too exciting there, but what happened between 6:40 am and 5:00 pm was the time I spent with those wonderful people I mentioned above. We’ve spent these years getting to know each other. They become family. Many have come and gone, but for those who stayed, you could tell by looking at them if you should give them some space or if they needed you there to talk to. I don’t want to sound like I didn’t care about the work we did, but the reason I got up every day and went into the office was For the People. We were sounding boards for each other. We were friends; we found support, advice, a smile, and even a hug if needed. I looked at my job as doing what I could to make someone else’s job easier. I was there For the People. But I wanted something more.

Now that I’ve left the corporate world to pursue my own adventures, I still see myself as working For the People. This time I’ll be providing a service. I want to introduce people to the world of energy medicine, herbal medicine, self-care and self-love. I’m a Reiki Master and soon to be certified in Vibrational Sound Therapy. I’ll explain VST in a future blog. I want to show others, that when they are ready, there are steps you can take to take care of yourself. You deserve to live a full, happy and healthy life.

As you go about your day, remember to smile at others, acknowledge them, and be kind, even to those who drive you crazy. Try to make the world a better place for those around you. In turn, it becomes a much better place for you too.

Life Happens, Make the Best of it.

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