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Positive Mindset Cards Part 1

Do you ever wake up and think "What a great idea!"? It's one of those moments when the thought comes into your mind when you are in that in-between state of sleeping and waking up. I believe these ideas are divinely inspired.

This happened to me several months ago. I've been interested in ways that I could help kids see the positive side of themselves and help them build self-esteem. I received the idea of making positive mindset cards for pre-teens and teens with the help of my grandchildren.

I sent out a text to see who wanted to help me with this project. I received 3 responses. I was thrilled. We got to work creating a list of ideas for the cards. We brainstormed and went over the list again and again. We ended up with around 60 phrases. We narrowed it down to 30 for our first deck. My granddaughter Treya had commented that any more than that would feel overwhelming to kids. I took her word for it. In fact, I pretty much let them lead the project. My job was to keep the momentum going, get them produced in physical form, and put up the finances.

The cards are beautiful and we feel strongly that they could be very helpful when placed in the right hands.

I'd like to introduce you to Brendin who is the oldest of the three. He's 21, going to college and like the other two, has had his own struggles in life. I interviewed each of the kids and will share the other interviews in future blog posts. I hope you enjoy getting to know Brendin.

I asked Brendin about his experience creating the cards.

Me: What was your inspiration for participating in helping with this project?

Brendin: Given the situation with Tyler passing away, that really enlightened the situation that we need healthier coping mechanisms and I think that these cards are those. They are a healthy coping mechanism.

Me: What was your life like growing up?

Brendin: It was a quiet mental battle. I kept to myself. Dad at war, mom had to work, I had a lot of babysitters.

Me: What was it like for you at school?

Brendin: I was not good at school. Not until the 10th grade.

Me: What changed in 10th grade?

Brendin: Ah, I had a big realization that I was a bigger brother and I was like, I don't want Ethan to be like this at school.

Me: What would you say was your biggest struggle as a teenager?

Brendin: I think my biggest struggle was handling my internal thoughts.

Me: Okay, So then with creating these cards, what is your hope for them? Brendin: That they are able to improve their overall mental wellbeing.

Me: What was it like for you to create these cards? What was that like for you?

Brendin: Um, it was a new experience. I was out of my comfort zone. I've never worked on anything like this.

Me: how did you feel after it was done?

Brendin: Better, I've never really experienced anything like, I mean, I've never looked into coping mechanisms or how to like, help other people like this. It was a great idea.

Me: Looking at the cards, do you have a couple of favorite cards? Are there any that touch you more that the others?

Brendin: The one I had most recently, "I feel confident", also, "Today I'll Step Outside".

Me: If you had any advice to give to parents or kids who are using these cards, what would that be?

Brendin: I think looking at them, I recommend, actively manifest these cards. Think about them throughout the day. I have an alarm set for a mood check throughout the day. So, that's what they could do with these cards. Set an alarm to check them out in the morning and again in the evening.

Me: Thank you for helping me with this project. You have been a huge help.

Brendin, Treya, Eleanor, and I all feel passionate about the mental health of our children.

If we help one child grow up to be more confident and learn to love themselves, we have done our job, but obviously, we hope we can reach many more.

If you would like to purchase a set of the Pre-Teen/Teen Positive Mindset cards, you can go here to order. The Littles cards for ages 3 and up are available for pre-order and will be ready for shipment very soon.

Let's help our Littles glow as they grow.

Pam Bohlken

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