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Mental Health Awareness Month

Where to start? It's easy to point out the faults of others. It's easy to say Aunt Mary or Uncle Ron have drinking issues or so-n-so is so crabby all the time. It's easy to know what everyone else "should" be doing with their lives. Why can't everyone just be normal? First of all, if everyone was the same, I think the world would be pretty darn boring. We need diversity. We need people who see things differently or express themselves differently. However, there are those who are struggling every day with life in general. The majority of them have had some sort of traumatic experience in the past. They could even have carried the burdens of our ancestors into this lifetime. Our questions should be; What has happened in their past to cause them to feel this way? Or to act this way? Or to think this way? Most of the beliefs we grow up with came from early childhood. It can go back as far as when you were in the womb and up to around the age of 8. During this time we are absorbing our environment and relating every interaction to an emotion. If that emotion was a good one, you create positive beliefs, but if those emotions were sad or hurt feelings, they become beliefs that are not positive. The one thing that makes this a little tricky is that they are all based on a child's perspective. As adults, we may not see the event as a big issue, but to a child it could be traumatic. Once we become adults we can carry that traumatic event with us and it can get triggered when we have that same emotion we had as a child. These emotions, if not dealt with can turn into depression, anxiety, and even physical illness. So where do we start? We start with ourselves. Take a few deep breaths, focus on your heart area and then start to do an internal scan. Letting your breath move slowly from the top of your head, down to your toes. Look for anyplace in your body where your breath stops. You may choose to have a conversation with this place in your body to find out what it needs or you can simply breath in and out of this spot to acknowledge it. Sometimes that's all we need. You can research EFT and start tapping out the issue.

Sometimes we need professional help. There are many options out there. I offer RTT hypnosis to discover those deep rooted beliefs that you may not even know are there. After discovering this belief, we reexamine the event, see it from a different point of view and see if you are ready to create new beliefs. You then have a recording to listen to for 21 days to set those new beliefs that can help you move forward in life. If you or someone you know could benefit from this type of therapy, contact me at

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