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Positive Mindset cards (Part 2)

In my last post, you met my grandson Brendin. If you would like to go back and read how this story began, you can read my last post here. Today you will be introduced to his cousin and my granddaughter Eleanor.

Eleanor is 11 years old and she played a big part in creating the positive mindset cards for the teens, as a pre-teen, and an even bigger part in creating the cards for the Littles. They are intended for children ages 3 and up. Eleanor is the sister of my grandson Tyler who passed away last year from fentanyl poisoning. Tyler's death created a ripple effect of wanting to help other children with their self-talk. When I asked Eleanor if she would like to work on this project, she said yes immediately.

I hope you enjoy reading this short interview and getting to know this sweet girl just a little bit. This interview took place before the Littles cards had been completed, but they are now ready for purchase.

Me: What made you want to participate in this project? What was your inspiration?

Eleanor: I liked that it was a family project, to work on this together. It sounded like fun.

Me: Yes, that was one of the best parts for me too. I know you are only 11 years old, but what has life been like for you up to this point? Have you had things you struggle with?

Eleanor: My life has been like hard, especially with Tyler but it’s also been good because I have a family who loves me and I’m healthy and yeah. It’s hard sometimes.

Me: So, when life is hard, what kind of things are you talking about?

Eleanor: Um, like, when I’m struggling with things, I get mad and I don’t really like that feeling, so that’s kind of hard. And of course, like my brother (she’s talking about Tyler’s death), and, yeah.

Me: I can understand that. Of the cards that we created, do you have a favorite one or do you have a couple favorites?

Eleanor: The letter C because there’s a cat.

Me: Oh, I was talking about these pre-teen/teen cards

Eleanor: Oh, I really like all of them. They are all inspiring and just nice to read.

Me: OK, what is your hope for other people with these cards?

Eleanor: Um, well when people get these, I hope that makes them feel better. Like If they are feeling sad or something, it makes them feel better, like makes them feel happy about who they are.

Me: Perfect, so you are a pre-teen so this next question is a little odd for you. What is your biggest struggle as a teenager? As a pre-teen, what is your biggest struggle?

Eleanor: Um, my biggest struggle, um, I’m not really struggling with anything bad. Like, school was kind of hard but I’m done with school for the summer. I haven’t really been struggling with anything.

Me: Well, you know what, that is great. Do you have any issue with relationships or speaking your mind?

Eleanor: Well, at school, my friends and stuff like, I hang out with this girl who, before I went to that school, she was rude to people and like my friends want me to stop hanging out with her because they think I’m going to turn out to be a really rude person and I don’t want that. So, I’m trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do. Yeah, because my friends don’t like her and I really want to hang out with them and she wants to hang out with me so I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

Me: Hum, well I guess my biggest advice would be to follow your heart and stay true to who you are because we know you are not a rude person. Sometimes just hanging out with people like that makes you kinda want to follow them, so hopefully, you can get her to follow you, and help her to see that if you can get that to happen, maybe your other friends can see that she’s not so bad.

Eleanor: Yeah.

Me: So, back to the cards and creating them, how was that experience for you? How did that feel to you?

Eleanor: It was fun making them. Really fun and it’s exciting to thinking about little kids are going to read them (she’s referring to our next deck for 3yr olds and up) and I hope their going to feel better about themselves if they like, don’t believe in themselves and stuff so.

Me: Good, how did you feel when you got to see them for the first time?

Eleanor: Um, you mean the ones that are already printed or the other ones?

Me: yeah, the one’s that are already printed

Eleanor: Um, I felt pretty happy because like we finished like a few decks of them so like kids can finally ready them. And yeah, it’s nice knowing that like, your finished working on them and you can finally like show people them and you can sell them.

Me: You should be pretty proud of yourself too. Ok, so what have you learned about the process, about yourself of maybe the process itself?

Eleanor: um, like, I don’t know, it makes me feel like, I’m probably going to get them (she already has a deck for herself and some to sell) I’m probably going to read them and they’re probably going to make me like, reading them now makes me feel like happy about myself.

Me: Good, well, that’s a big accomplishment to come from an idea, to creating them and then having them actually be something you can hold in your hands and that we can share with others.

Eleanor: Yeah.

Me: Well, I guess that’s all the questions I have. Did you have anything else you’d like to say?

Eleanor: No

Me: Ok, that’s fine. Thank you for answering my questions and helping my readers get to know you.

Isn't she sweet? If you are interested in purchasing a set of cards, you can go to my website

My dream is that we are improving lives, helping our kids see their potential, and shifting their self-talk to positive words.

Let's help our littles glow as they grow!

Pam Bohlken

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